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27 May: Youth Football Development in Cameroon, New Study on Referees' Decisions and Manchester Utd bring in Jose Mourinho

On this week's show we find out about youth football in Cameroon, as the country's FA say that they are getting serious about youth. We talk about referees - a recent investigation has found that referees tend to award harsher foul punishments to the away team. We speak to Bob Hamer, a former EPL referee, who however insists that referees are not swayed by the crowds. Plus European Football Expert Stuart Weir gives us his analysis of Manchester United's decision to fire manager Louis Van Gaal and replace him with former Chelsea coach, Jose Mourinho.

Do you think that referees are sometimes biased towards the home team esepcially when there's an important decision to make in front of a big crowd? Send us your comments on Facebook (see below), by email to or via Whats App +44-7955-232780

This week's show is produced by Steve Vickers (above, centre) in Harare, Zimbabawe with Solomon Izang Ashoms (above, right) in Nigeria and Stuart Weir (above, left) in the UK


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