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21Jul 2016: Footvolley in Rio, 2008 Beijing Olympics & 1988 Olympic 200m Champion Joe DeLoach

 This week's show has a distinct Olympics theme with the 2016 Games in Rio just two weeks away.  Planet Sport reporters Andy Bloss (above left) and Tom Ellis (above right) visit Ipanema Beach in Rio to find out about a popular sport played there which is now growing elsewhere, called footvolley.  Our series through the Games of the modern Olympic era continues as we reach the 2008 Games in Beijing and we meet the only athlete to beat the great Carl Lewis in an Olympic final, Joe DeLoach from the USA, who won the 200 metres in Seoul in 1988.

What are you looking forward to from the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro?  Send us your comments to or via Facebook (see below).


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