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“I was part of the 2002 World Cup winning team, which was very emotional because of the importance of football in Brazil. There is pressure and you feel a weight of responsibility, but good things also come along with all of that."


Kaka, 2007 FIFA World Player of the Year)

Credit- Nathan Congleton

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"I just love Netball, that's the truth. I love it with passion and I have that self-belief, that self-motivation that keeps me going no matter what comes my way.” (Peace Proscovia, Uganda Netball Captain)

Many of the sports people featured in our programmes and podcasts talk about their personal faith as followers of Jesus Christ. Their faith is integral to who they are, guiding their thoughts, attitudes and actions in sport as in life. They speak of having a personal relationship with Jesus as their coach, guide and supreme example to follow.

This page brings together some of the comments these sportsmen and women have made about their faith. Alongside you will find links that will take you where you can read or listen to their original interview in full.

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My Faith as a follower of Jesus Christ

Chioma Ubogagu- Jamie Sned.jpg

"To me it's huge, because there is going to come a time when people, jobs, things fail you. There is going to come a time when you are disappointed but your faith and your relationship with Jesus is forever. God will never fail you and in football there are so many ups and downs, there are so many adversities that you face and for me just having my faith has really helped me in those times.”

(Chioma Ubogagu, England international Footballer)


"That is the thing that is most important in my life. I understand that I have a purpose, through God and he has put me in a place where I must shine his light. So for me, to be fortunate enough to be in a place where people look up to me, means that when they look at me, they see that I am a Christian first, a dad and a husband second, and then cricket comes after that. I'm a Jesus follower first because He is the reason that I am here." (Faf Du Plessis, South Africa Cricket Captain)


"God is the creator of the heavens and the earth, he created we humans in his own image. So I see no reason why I shouldn't praise the name of the Lord, he is the reason why I am alive today and he is the giver of life. I really need God more than anything."

(Patson Daka, Zambia striker)

Dan Smith 2.jpg

“I believed that I was a failure. I had chased money, power and women but it always left me feeling unsatisfied and no matter how much I tried, I didn't want to be alive anymore. Before I knew it, I was addicted to 'Ice'. I lost everything. I was sixty-eight kilos, I was a criminal, I destroyed my family and I was in and out of jail. I became very violent. I ended up going to a Christian rehab centre. One night I ended up giving my life to God and that's when my life really started to change. That's when my whole mentality changed, I started to love myself, started to care for people, my mind changed, my eyes changed. Everything changed and I can't deny that in my life."

(Dan Smith, Australian Olympic Swimmer)