What are we seeking to do? 

Planet Sport produces radio programmes and podcasts to inform and entertain sports fans around the world. We talk to national and international sportsmen and women to explore what makes them tick. For some sportspeople this includes talking about their faith as followers of Jesus Christ. 

   We report from many of the world's top sporting events, bringing news and stories both from the events themselves and from the host cities. We seek out stories behind the events to cover an angle that other media may not have tackled. For example, in 2014 we spoke to residents in Rio whose community had been damaged by development projects linked to the 2016 Olympics. In 2004 we spoke to people in Athens organising festivals to bring communities together during the Summer Games. We have reported from a wide range of events including the FIFA World Cup, Commonwealth games, All-Africa Games, World Athletics Championships and every Summer Olympics since Barcelona in 1992. 

Who is behind the website? 

Planet Sport is operated and managed by Passion for Sport, a UK-registered charity. We love sport – any sport! – and we are here to engage with fans like us around the world, sharing that love of sport. As followers of Jesus Christ we are delighted to share our faith with any who ask, but if you are not interested in faith that's fine: we can stick to talking about sport. 


 Who is Passion for Sport? 

To find out more about our parent organisation click HERE

Who pays for it? 

Passion for Sport is almost entirely dependent on grant and donations. These come from a mix of trusts, individual supporters and churches. We raise a small amount of our income by marketing our services. No one who contacts Planet Sport to ask a sport-related or faith-related question is ever asked for money. 


If I have a complaint? 

In the first instance please contact us via our Contact Form

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